On the 23rd of August the Museum of the Hellenic Nobel Collection greeted the universally renowned and acclaimed Russian Academician and Physicist Zhores Ivanovich Alferov, recipient of the prestigious Lenin Prize (1972) and Nobel Prize (2000). Today everyone recognizes him as the father of modern physics and nanotechnology.
In the Museum’s garden, Prof. Alferov gave a press conference to Greek and foreign journalists for approximately two hours explaining the relations between physics and chemistry, his unique discoveries in the field of satellite communications, micro-electronics, nanotechnology and, of course, mobile telephony, SMS, DVDs and many of his discoveries. He also annnounced, after a relevant request, that he waits the students of the Arsakio School of Psychiko to visit him in Saint Petersburg in order to introduce them to the science of nanotechnology.
The speech by the Russian Nobel Laureate was extremely moving, particularly when he said:
“…I love Greece and I visit it very often, because I have many friends and relatives here. It is indeed an exceptional country. Both contemporary Greeks and people all over the world are inheritors of the ancient Greek civilization. That civilization was the cornerstone of all sciences. Especially people who work in the field of physics are grateful to Greece…”
The “father” of modern physics underlined also that “…physics, chemistry and biology are the base of all applied sciences and the discoveries take place within their boundaries…”
As he told us, for both the Academician and his cooperators at the Russian Academy of Sciences, “…a new era of collaboration with Greece begins…”.
The founder of the Museum of the Hellenic Nobel Collection, Prof. Giorgio S. Marcou offered the Professor a portrait of him, Zhores Alferov, painted by the famous Greek artist Tasos Syntelis.
Many people were present, among them honorary general of Greek Police Mr. Costas Papaconstantinou, the President of Kyriakidis Company (Espresso newspaper, Publications, Sunny TV, etc) Professor P. Kyriakidis, his son George Kyriakidis, who is a supporter of the Nobel Museum, the member of the Hellenic Parliament Sophia Voultepsi who is one of the first supporters of the Museum, the managing editor of Naftemporiki financial newspaper Panagiotis Milas, the Lawyer and Consultant of Chalandri Municipality Anna Maria Tsikini, the author and journalist Costas Panagiotopoulos, editor at the English Department of the Athens-Macedonia News Agency Linda Gyftopoulos, Russian academicians who accompanied Prof. Alferov, Greek and foreign journalists, and foreign channels and news agencies.

The event was mentioned by many mass media.

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