VOLOS, September 2007

Researcher's Evening 2007
Giorgio de Chirico Art Centre - Friday 28 September

Dozens of teenagers and children from the junior, secondary and high schools of the Prefecture of Magnesia, along with their parents, teachers and friends, came to Volos for the Researcher's Evening, which was dedicated to their fellow countryman Giorgio de Chirico.

The main speaker of the evening was University Professor Giorgio Marcou, who had had the honour of de Chirico's friendship from 1970 to 1978. Few Greeks had had a similar opportunity. These encounters between G. Marcou and G. de Chirico led to the publication of a book by Marcou in 1990, entitled ‘Conversations with G. de Chirico'. On account of the Researcher's Evening, the same document was republished this year in the August issue of the monthly newsletter of the Museum of the Hellenic Nobel Collection, founded and directed by Professor Marcou. Prof. Marcou narrated unknown events relating to Evaristo and Giorgio de Chirico; these impressed the audience who asked many questions. One hundred and fifty coloured drawings by pupils of the Prefecture of Magnesia adorned the walls of the large G. de Chirico Art Room. Overall, the organisation of this multicultural event was excellent; credit goes to Mr Antonis Papantoniou and his colleagues, who run the Liaison Office of the University of Thessaly.

The scientific contribution made by Professors of the University of Thessaly, the Director General of the Technological Park of Thessaly, Th. Thomaidis and many other local figures, was also exemplary. Moreover, the event was attended by artists Giorgos Kafentarakis and Kostas Loudovikos, civil engineer Giannis Tzimas (Papasotiriou Bookshop), wellknown sponsor Nikos Deligiorgis, administrative personnel from the University of Thessaly and the Juvenile Court of Volos and many other members of the intellectual and education communities of the city.

It was a pleasant, merry and interesting evening for all those who wished to learn something special about Giorgio de Chirico.

  1. Professor Giorgio S. Marcou

  2. Giorgos Tzabazis, First Prize in the drawing competition

  3. Top ten students in the drawing competition, standing before their drawings

  4. Giorgio S. Marcou and artist Giorgos

  5. Participating students in the ‘Researcher 2007’ drawing competition

  6. Professor Thomas Thomaidis, Director General of the Technological Park of Thessaly and Giorgio S. Marcou

The representatives of the Provost of the University of Thessaly, Professor Konstantinos Boyiatis: Professors Nikitas Mylopoulos (Department of Civil Engineers) and Thomas Thomaidis, present Professor Giorgio S. Marcou with an honorary plaque for his contribution to Culture, Art and the creation of a Museum for the Hellenic Nobel Collection.

3. Antonis Papantoniou, Director of the Liaison Office of the University of Thessaly and organizer of the event (see 11)
5-6. Students.
7. Antonis Papantoniou. His daughters, Eleni and Panagiota were also present. His wife, Sofia, was welcoming the guests.
8. Professor Giorgio S. Marcou tells stories about Giorgio de Chirico.
9. Evi (Evanthia) Balabani, University of Thessaly, sponsors Sophia and Nikos Deligiorgis, Giorgio S. Marcou and Civil Engineer Giannis Tzimas, owner of the Papasotiriou bookshop in Volos.
10. Foteini Nikaki, public relations, Xenia Hotel, Volos, Giorgio S. Marcou and English teacher Efi Kaplani.


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