From A. Nobel's personal library in San Remo

  • Rare 19th century publications and advertisements of explosives, written by A. Nobel (1870-1890).

  • A full set of academic papers, monographs and patents with drawings of A. Nobel's leading competitors, Sir Frederick Abel and T. Dewar.

  • Engravings depicting explosions caused by nitroglycerine and dynamite from A. Nobel's factories in Europe and the USA.


  • Confidential reports to the English Parliament by English Consuls in Russia concerning oil in the Baku
    area in Russia.


  • Confidential reports to the English Parliament by English Inspectors concerning investigations into
    fatal accidents caused by dynamite at English factories producing dynamite.

  • Books and manuscripts of his Ravine friends (with whom he shared the same surname) Joseph and Nehemiah Antonio Nobel.

  • A collection of photographs of the Nobel explosives plant, in Avigliana, Italy.

  • Collection of the founding Ordinances of the Nobel explosives factory in Avigliana, Italy, and other national legal documents for the production of explosives in Italy

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